Fiona Midori King

Fiona Midori King

Hope 4 Fiona

We Will Meet Again



Paxton wrote: 

"Our words are failing us this day. This sweet light in our lives... We can only simply say... Our angel Fiona is in heaven. She went peacefully surrounded by love early this morning (Dec. 23). She left her body and immediately was in the presence of Jesus. No more GM-1. We miss her. We love her and we are more grateful than ever to know all the beauty she brought into our lives... Hug your beloved ones. Lie next to them and kiss their cheeks and hands. Ask them about their important things and lock it all up in your heart. There will come a day when it will not be as easy to come by and you will need those tender, caged moments to carry you through. Love fiercely, without end. We loved her more than she could ever imagined ❤ We will see you in heaven our sweet angel girl ❤ With deep sadness, deep love and joyous remembrance, Dee & Paxton"





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