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Unconditional Love - Sunday March 22, 2012





The past 9 months have changed my life in so many ways. I feel things I never thought I could feel, and I love deeper than I ever knew possible. When I think about this love that I have for Fiona, I think of how unconditional it is and that no matter what, above all else, I will always love her.


Fiona is my baby and my miracle in life. I find myself paralyzed with so much love for her during the simple moments that Fiona is snuggled into my neck, or smiling up at me. I would do absolutely anything for my baby! I can finally say that I truly understand what unconditional love is. I love my family, I love my mom and sisters deeply, and I love my husband in ways I can’t describe. However, when I look into the eyes of my daughter, I feel something I never knew existed. She makes everything in my life shine a little brighter, and even on my worst days, I go to bed with my heart feeling so incredibly blessed. I feel so lucky to be her mom. I had no idea that I would love and embrace motherhood this much, and I can’t imagine my life without Fiona in it.


Whenever I would see parents of special need children before this past year, I would think to myself how very special those parents are, but there’s certainly nothing special about me. The love I have for Fiona comes naturally and is limitless, despite all my fears and heartaches.


There are times that I fear the future, but most of the time I look forward to watching Fiona learn and grow daily. I take pride in all that she is and receive so much joy from her. I didn’t think I could love her this much, but I absolutely love her with all that I am! 

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