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Fiona Midori King

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To Fiona with Love - Sunday August 26, 2012


Dear Fiona,
Today you are one year old. Exactly one year ago, God gave us a
beautiful little girl-God gave us you. Last year on this very day, on
June 8th at 7:20am you were born, and with you came magic that Daddy
and I never knew existed. I hope you will never forget how much you
were wanted and how happy you made us-just by being you. You have
embroidered our lives with a meaning that cannot be expressed in
words. You are an absolute miracle of love.
Since the day we saw your little heart flutter inside of me, you have
brought great joy to our lives. You have taught me so much about love,
life and motherhood. You have completely changed everything about me-
the way I view the world, the way I understand life, my ability to
love deeper and stronger without bounds. You have even caused my love
for daddy to deepen in new ways and to new heights. You have taught me
to trust God, even when it seems impossible. You have taught me that
five minutes of snuggling with you are more important than anything
else. You have taught me to fight for what I love with all that I
have. You have given me strength that I never knew existed, faith that
doesn’t falter, and courage that allows me to face the most difficult
of times.
I appreciate the smallest milestones that you reach, and I celebrate
how far you have come every day. Your smile and laughter make me look
forward to each and every day. I am a better person today than I was a
year ago, all because of you.
You bring so much joy into our lives.
You are so precious and so loved!
Happy First Birthday!

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