Fiona Midori King

Fiona Midori King

Hope 4 Fiona

Photos by Kim Anthony - Wednesday August 22, 2012





Below is a letter that Paxton wrote to Kim Anthony, a professional

photographer, in which he thanked her for the photos she took of us at

our home.  I wanted to post this letter in order to share Fiona’s

father’s perspective on things as well.


Paxton is an amazing man, wonderful father, and a thoughtful husband.

We have been through so much together this year and he has always been

my rock. Without him, I am not sure I would survive this journey.

Throughout everything we have come across, he has always been my

strength, comfort, happiness, and love- really my everything for the

past 9 years and I feel blessed to have him right by my side.


Paxton wrote:

"Kim, as I think back over my past 38 years, so many special

individuals have passed into and out of my life and during those

moments when we were together, some of those individuals touched me

very, very deeply. Some of those individuals changed me forever and

taught me lessons about life and love, even though, now, they are long

gone. Never did I imagine that in such a short time, my only child

would be the most important of these individuals who would touch me so

briefly and teach me such deep lessons, never uttering a word. Never

did I dream that my daughter would pass before me for such a fleeting,

short time and be one of those individuals who passed into and out of

my life. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children.


You have now passed into my family’s life and you have given myself and

Dee a gift that will help the memory of Fiona live for many more years. You

captured special moments in our home, of our special daughter, that in

a brief time, will be forever gone; but yet, the memories aren’t gone,

because Dee and I will be able to cherish the time you devoted to help

the special memories of Fiona endure. We will be able to recall a few

special moments that you captured.


I still do not know exactly why Fiona was put into our lives, but I search

for that answer and maintain a journal of what she has unknowingly taught

me. You’re right, she does change your outlook... Suddenly you realize how

important the simple things are... how reaching out to help that

little one bring her thumb up to her lips just brings her utter

elation! And you’re right, she is a blessing, as is every day we are

able to share with her. And in the same way you’ve thought about her,

she consumes us – we think about her all day long. She is my first

thought as soon as I wake, and my last thought as I fall asleep.


Your boy spoke of how he hopes she’ll get better and his comment brings to

mind an image I often see in my mind that is similar to the photo you

took of the 3 of us with the meadow in the background. I dream of my

young girl happily running through a similar field of grass, arms

outstretched as she runs towards me... I have that image etched in my

mind but will never see it on this earth... Fiona will affirm what is

important in life – family, kindness, thoughtfulness, faith, hope and

love. I know my faith has been challenged and I know at some point,

all of my hopes for Fiona will finally be dashed… But we will always

have memories of her love – and be reminded of it through your photos.

Thank you, most sincerely, for what you gave to my family."

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