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My Husband, My Rock - Sunday March 3, 2012



Paxton and I have had to lean on each other more than we ever have before. In order to survive through this journey, I’ve learned just how incredibly strong a person he is and I have a whole new respect for that strength. He is my rock, steady and strong, and never faltering when I needed him. He is so calm when looking in the face of Fiona’s illness. I know that he has shed many tears, but they have usually been in private. His calm demeanor comes from trying to be strong for himself, and most importantly, for me and to ease my pain just a little bit. I know that he agonizes over Fiona’s illness as much as I do. 
After doctors’ appointments, he lets me cry on his shoulder and then tells me that we'll get through this together. When I was too emotional to listen to facts, he listened and took notes so he could tell me later. He spends many late nights on the Internet researching the disease, dealing with the insurance, and reviewing the medical records.  He has become an expert on GM1 and many physicians had asked if he is in the medical field.  
I think about what this disease has put in our lives that has made us stronger than we have ever been-a whole new meaning to the vow we took on that September day in 2005, "for better or for worse".  Many marriages dissolve under such stress, but our relationship has become so much stronger. I finally understood how something like this can rip a marriage apart. I always heard about families divorcing after the death of a child, and I'm truly blessed that our relationship has grown stronger in the midst of emotional and difficult times. We have pulled together as a family. It warms my heart to see how much closer we are now and it makes me appreciate and love him even more - I’m in awe of his amazing courage and strength.

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