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God has blessed me in so many ways throughout my life. One of them is placing me in First Evangelical Lutheran Church. When Paxton and I moved to La Crosse from Chicago, we were looking for a church to join and we visited several churches in the area. I knew I wanted to join a church that gave me that same feeling that my parent’s church does, which is a very genuinely warm, loving, and caring environment.  The church that my parents raised me in is Peace CRC in South Holland, IL: the church where I was baptized, where I professed my faith as I got older, where I attended catechism & Calvinettes and eventually taught Sunday school, where Paxton and I got married.  Because of my great experience with Peace CRC, I knew what I was looking for when picking out a church in La Crosse. 


The first church Pax and I attended was First Lutheran Evangelical, and I kept finding myself coming back to it after visiting the other churches.  I knew what I was searching for within a church body and I found it at First Lutheran. The church isn’t about the physical building, although our church is quite beautiful.  Rather, the church is about the people - the group of men, women, boys and girls, young and old, that makes up the body of Christ. God has put us together each with our own talents and strengths, and I feel as if God placed me here for a reason.  I feel the love of First Lutheran Evangelical when we worship together and have seen and experienced the love of my church in times of need.


The congregation has become our church family and has been with us through all the happy (Fiona’s baptism) and sad times, always extending God’s unconditional love to us. When I need prayers for Fiona; all I have to do is place a call and in matters of minutes, my church is in action, praying for Fiona and doing what they do best- showing her God’s love. Being a member of a church family of believers here at First Lutheran Evangelical has been a joy and blessing that I am very thankful for.


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