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Mother's Day 2013



I wanted to take a few minutes this morning and wish all of the moms out there a very Happy Mothers’ Day!  Being a mother has been the most exhausting, yet rewarding and gratifying responsibility in my life. While it’s only 10 a.m. on Sunday morning, we’ve already had an eventful Mother’s Day as Fiona suffered from a seizure and has been crying quite a bit.  It would have been nice to not have to start Mother’s Day in such a manner and to not have to watch my child experience such a condition, but I’m always grateful for what I have in Fiona.  I also received an amazing Mother’s Day card and lots of snuggling - all moments that I will treasure forever.


My mother was able to come and visit with me for 5 days last week, and I asked my mom, “How did you deal with 5 kids and how did you enjoy me with all the tough times?”  For those of you who are unaware of my family history, my parents escaped a refugee camp from Laos and came to the United States with 4 children under the age of 6 in 1980 as they were escaping from communist control.  Their parenting experience also presented challenges as they came to a new country without knowing any English and an entire family of 6 to raise and care for-they needed to learn and adjust quickly to a very different part of the world.  My mother’s response to my question was “I chose to enjoy every moment and the happy times.”  


With a terminally ill child, it’s nearly impossible to enjoy days, weeks or months at a time as there is no break from fear or anxiety of what may or could happen today.   Yet it’s the moments of snuggling next to Fiona or just holding her until my arms fall asleep that keeps me going.  I feel blessed for the days that Fiona does not suffer from a seizure.  It is for these types of happy moments that I choose to focus on and remember, just as my mother did with her children through challenging times.  With my experience as a mother to Fiona, I have also grown an even greater appreciation for my own mother who made difficult times seem easy.


These simple, yet powerful words that my mom shared with me have helped me during hard times.  It’s inevitable that for me there will be tough times (and lots of them), but I choose to remember and soak up every moment with Fiona that puts a smile on my face.  Fiona is my lifelong bundle of joy.


While I’m getting ready to spend the day with my Fiona and Paxton, I wish you all a wonderful and amazing Mother’s Day, but most of all, I’d like to encourage all of you mothers to treasure the happy moments and be grateful for all that you have in your children. 


After all, they are what really count!



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