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Fiona Midori King

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Insuring Peace of Mind - Sunday April 1, 2012



The insurance company appointed one of their staff nurses to support us through our medical crisis. When we read about the support that was to be provided, it really didn’t appear to be beneficial for Fiona. It’s just so difficult to determine who to trust right now. It’s tough to know who is an advocate for Fiona and who is not. I guess ultimately, we, Fiona’s parents, are her only true advocates.


The processes and procedures we have to deal with regarding our health insurance plan involve a lot of busy work. Paxton had to deal with many rejected claims. He read our health insurance policy manual and all the complicated coverage explanations of benefits so many times that I actually think he memorized it. He researched the rejected claims, kept a detailed spreadsheet, and composed detailed letters, which eventually helped cover the medical bills. Although there were some tenuous moments when medical benefits weren’t covered, ultimately through multiple appeals, all expenses have been paid – sometimes many months later.


I’m so grateful that Paxton’s employer benefits have covered and continue to cover Fiona’s treatments of GM1. Our insurance carrier paid for almost all of our medical bills, which totaled upward to a lot of dollars---and counting. Considering the present healthcare crisis in this country and the many Americans who don’t have any coverage, we are very blessed and fortunate to have good coverage during such a difficult time. Praise God for his blessings in our time of crisis!

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