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This morning Fiona had her special needs school at our house. She did a great job today with various activities and had so many expressions on her face. I know she enjoys the interactions.  I also learned that she didn't enjoy getting slime all over her feet as was one of the interactive activities.  Although Fiona does not attend a “traditional school,” she is still receiving educational experiences within the safety & sanitation of our home & I’m grateful to share these experiences with her.


Fiona has taught us a great deal about what truly matters in life.  She has also revealed to us that anything & everything is possible.  If you are a parent raising a child with a health condition, whether it is cancer, autism, a rare disease, deafness, learning disabilities- the most important advice I can offer is to educate yourself about what it is that your child is facing and to seek the best possible treatments. I thank God that we came across amazing families that helped us along this journey, doctors that really care for Fiona,  and all the resources we need to provide Fiona with the best treatments and necessary programs available. 


Oddly enough, this story of a family planning a trip to Italy helped me a lot when Fiona was diagnosed. It was a family that dreamt for years about traveling to Italy. They bought books, learned the language and planned every detail of their trip. When the day of the trip finally arrived, they felt really prepared! When they landed, the flight attendant's announcement welcomed them to Holland. "Holland???" said the family. "What? We're not in Italy? But we have everything set for Italy!" Needless to say, to land in Holland was not what they expected or prepared for and their journey turned into something different--with sights, people and places unlike what they had anticipated & hoped for but still an amazing and true learning experience nonetheless.


My family's journey since Fiona’s arrival has been much like this family's trip to Holland: unpredictable and new but oh so very fulfilling and blessed with wonderful surprises.



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