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Happy Father's Day


Fiona has never said a single word to Paxton, nor is she likely to on this earth.  He will never teach her how to ski, go to a father/daughter dance with her, or walk her down the aisle to give her away.  But the beautiful bond these two share - not even GM-1 can mar that!  When we welcomed Fiona into this world, Paxton had no way of knowing he would be raising a terminally ill child, had no way of anticipating the many challenges that would test him and force him to face life head on.  Yet from the very beginning he took on this vital role of fatherhood with strength and unconditional love.  It wasn’t the fatherhood he’d expected.  He held me up when I couldn’t stand on my own, and told me that as long as we stuck together, nothing else mattered.  Paxton has done the bravest thing by making life carry on; it's going to work each day and pretending to bosses and co-workers like everything is normal just so the pay check keeps coming in and the medical insurance doesn’t lapse. Its saying “Great” when co-workers ask “how’s it going” instead of, “terrible, my little girl is at home with a lung infection and I want to be at her side in case she doesn’t survive the day.”  Sometimes its retaining his sanity so he can be become my rock. Sometimes it’s just listening when no one else understands.  He is Fiona’s biggest advocate, the researcher of GM-1, the record keeper of all her medical files, the communicator with all her specialists, the fighter of our insurance rejection claims, the keeper of spreadsheets of seizure activity, weight, ketone level, blood glucose, current prescription medications, unpaid medical bills, and the pusher of wheelchairs.  He’s the hug giver, the hand holder, the rock and strength of our family, and the beautiful part of Fiona’s life and mine. For the past 4 years I’ve watched Paxton treat Fiona as the priceless gift she is. He is a gentle, loving, kind, intelligent  man who is not afraid to love our family openly and fiercely.  I want to wish the biggest HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ever to my amazing husband.  He has been such an amazing father to Fiona throughout the years even though his job at work and his job as a father have been much harder than the typical dad experiences.  Special needs dads are in a category all their own and in my humble opinion, they don't always get the credit they deserve.  To all the different types of Fathers out there. YOU ALL ARE NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!  Happy day to all of you; I hope you are able to spend it with the ones you love the most! 




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