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Fiona Midori King

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Fiona's Update Sunday - December 30, 2012



I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post. So much has happened with Fiona that I don’t’ know where to begin.


Fiona had an awful decline after receiving the MMR, DTAP, flu & varicella vaccines on 9/28/12. Within 24 hours symptoms occurred. We were unable to elicit a smile or giggles from Fiona, her appetite decreased and she was losing weight drastically, her eyes rolled up into her head, and when awake she whimpered for hours. A large red lump appeared at the injection site. She no longer slept, and she began to have difficulty breathing. Many doctors examined her. No answers.


Three weeks after the vaccinations, Fiona had a massive seizure. No hospitals in town were willing to see her. We drove to The Mayo Clinic ER and carried our convulsing daughter up to the window. She was admitted immediately, but her condition continued to deteriorate. She was stable, but lost the ability to eat.


Paralysis has set-in. Her hemoglobin dropped to 50% of normal. 15 different doctors tried to put an IV in her for 24 hours but couldn’t find a vein. She was rushed into surgery to have a tube implanted into her chest leading to her heart. IV nutrition was started along with a blood transfusion. Several days later we implanted a feeding tube into her gut and cinched her esophagus shut to prevent food from reaching her lungs and a pneumococcal infection. Through all the surgeries Fiona was a fighter! She knew we were at her side, fighting along with her and loving her. I barely left her side at the hospital and snuggled next to her in bed every night. Paxton would hold her hand and she would instantly wrap her fingers around his – that was all she could move, just fingers. Paxton and Fiona have always had this connection since she was born.  After 17 days in the hospital, we came home. She’s been back to the hospital a few times since, but she’s generally stable with some lower grade seizures periodically. Fiona is still paralyzed and can no longer see, smile, giggle, move, or even play.


It’s difficult for me to see Fiona in the state that she’s in. It breaks my heart that she has to fight in order to live. I wanted to get angry with God and shake my fist at the unfairness of it all, but I know better. When you have a child that’s dying, you see how unfair life can be; it’s a consequence of living in a fallen world. Because I believe in God, am I to be spared tragedy? No, not even Jesus Christ himself was spared. Paxton and I are left with no answers and must keep moving forward with Fiona’s treatment, to keep fighting and to hold on tighter.


I spent so much time worrying and being upset that I couldn’t even enjoy my life, but this is the reality of my life for now.  It’s often a very difficult pill to swallow, but when I give myself a moment to put things into perspective, I am able to regain the strength and motivation necessary to keep fighting for my baby girl.


Fiona fights so hard every day that she deserves to wake up to a mom who is happy and smiling. I need to be that mother regardless of how hard it is. I will savor each moment with her like it’s my last, which is how I should have been living in the first place. Paxton and I are committed to making her as happy and as comfortable as possible during this time.





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