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Fiona Midori King

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I am amazed at how wonderful Paxton is at being a Daddy. I didn't expect that my feelings towards Paxton would really change much after having Fiona. I already loved him but I didn’t quite know how much more I could really love him until I saw him care for and love Fiona. I think I fell in love with him a thousand times over just watching him be such an amazing Daddy. He was there for the diaper changes, the feedings, the happy times and the sad times. He always wants to be there with us as a family-for each little moment and I am so thankful.


Paxton dove into the parenting trenches with me immediately. He was just as determined for Fiona to breastfeed as I was, and he was my rock during labor and delivery. On several occasions, he's changed numerous blowout diapers, soothed her to sleep, comforted her when she cried, and did everything in his power to give her the best care possible.


Paxton has taken to being a Daddy like I never expected. He's loving, attentive, fun (that I knew he'd be), caring, selfless, and has developed quite a paternal instinct. Not only does he take care of Fiona when I need a break, but he takes care of me in a way that's best for Fiona. He is my strength and comfort and a shoulder to cry on; he takes over when he sees I'm falling apart. He is my partner in life.


Paxton fulfills a role within our family that is so much more than just going to work and providing for us.  Although Paxton and I do not always see eye-to-eye on how to parent,  we are always in agreement as to what our main priority in life is and role as Fiona’s parents.  Sure there are household/family tasks that generally fall on me and those that fall on him; however, the lines are not black and white, and we often find the need to cross over them as necessary. There are things I do better and things he does better, but we both rest assured that the help from one another is always within reach. That's what I feel is a requirement for effective parenting and what a solid partnership entails.


It's so amazing when I see who Paxton and I created when we gave birth to Fiona. She would not exist without both of us. A mixture between any 2 other individuals wouldn't have produced this beautiful, little girl with his eyes and my nose.


We are blessed to have Fiona as the center of our lives. She has given both Paxton and I a new direction for living and growing both as individuals and as a partnership within our marriage. Fiona takes care of our hearts in a way that nothing else can, and she is the light of our family.



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