Fiona Midori King

Fiona Midori King

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Daily Medications - March 1, 2013




I have families who have seen Fiona‚Äôs website and contacted us because their child was recently diagnosed with GM1. I wanted to list the Medication Therapy Fiona is getting at the University of Minnesota. Her physicians are Dr. Chester Whitley and Dr. Jeanine Utz, who are angels sent from above. 



3x100mg Mislustat (Zavesca) 

1x600mg Acetylcysteine

2x3ml infant Ibuprofen



2x1.2 ml Keppra


Rescue Seizure Medication

Diazepam As needed



1 ml Polyvitamin Drops

1mg Tolteodine Tartrate to help with urination

1ml Sodium Fluoride to help weakened teeth

3x1ml  Zantac (to protect her stomach lining from Ibuprofen)

720 ml of Ketocal 4:1 formula. Boulous feedings every  2  ½ hours





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