Fiona Midori King

Fiona Midori King

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Birthday Girl


Today you turned two years old. It’s been two years since you came into this world, changing your mommy and daddy’s lives forever.  You have given us two years of the most unconditional love we’ve ever experienced.  You have introduced us to a world of physicians, health care providers, therapists, and other families that we would have never been privileged to know.  You have stretched us in the areas of knowledge, patience, perseverance, faith and grace.  You have forced us to slow down and celebrate the tiny milestones and daily activities that we might have just breezed over otherwise.  God has used you to show us the value of every life which has given us such a tenderness and understanding of just how fearfully and wonderful each child is.  What a gift it is to get to love you and be your mommy. Happy Birthday my sweet girl!
Love Love Love You!

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