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Fiona Midori King

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A New Road


I am taking the very first steps onto a new road but remain on the same journey. Today we met with the new therapists and teachers who will help us transition into the special needs school system. Fiona will have completed the ‘Birth to Three Program’ the day before her third birthday and needs to continue with her existing therapies in the special needs school system. We discussed the various therapies she needs and also determined that everything will be done in our home, just like before. We can't risk exposing Fiona to the other kids with her immune system being so weak. It was a productive meeting and we accomplished much.

When I was pregnant with Fiona, I had visions of her going to school and then she would come home and tell me all about her day. We wanted to give Fiona every opportunity in the world to flourish and be a productive member of society. Like most parents, we wanted our child to be comfortable and happy.  We wanted her to have a positive self-image that would promote positive self-esteem.  We understood that a child must have a strong foundation from the beginning and felt that it was our responsibility to build this foundation for her.

It's been a very different path than I imagined for my little girl. I know it's not the end of the world. I just have to release my very personal, unrevealed dreams that I had hidden in the corners of my heart for my little girl...


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